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The following describes the Privacy Policy for our website.

Your Privacy

At Topcurl Beauty Academy, we value your privacy. To safeguard your privacy, we offer this notice detailing our online information practices and the options available to you regarding the collection and utilization of your information. By using our website and providing us with personal information, you implicitly agree to adhere to these policies.

State Law & Accompanying Rights

Please be aware that you may possess additional rights granted by State laws specific to your location. These State-based rights could enhance, fortify, or in some way, complement any privacy rights you inherently hold or are protected by Federal law. Our commitment is to fully adhere to the privacy regulations of each jurisdiction where we conduct our operations. Consequently, you are encouraged to utilize our Contact information to communicate with us at any time to assert any State rights that are applicable.

Collection of Personal Information

When you visit our website, the IP address used to access our site is logged, alongside the dates and times of access. This information is primarily utilized to analyze trends, administer the website, track user movements, and gather broad demographic data for internal use, such as statistical assessments and website enhancements. It's crucial to note that any recorded IP addresses are not associated with personally identifiable information.


Additionally, Topcurl Beauty Academy may collect other standard information commonly obtained by most websites. This includes the referral source that directed you to our site, the duration of your visit, and your subsequent destination upon leaving. Typical data collection also encompasses details like the operating system of your computer and the type of web browser used for website access. These routine data collection practices are instrumental in enhancing the overall end-user experience.


Furthermore, the use of cookies is another prevalent internet practice that aids in optimizing user experiences by allowing website customization based on your preferences and actions. Basic information is transferred to your computer to tailor the content and experience at to match your interactions. While it is safe to assume our website uses cookies, you have the freedom to adjust settings in your web browser to disable or receive notifications about cookies to take desired actions. Please be aware that rejecting cookies may limit certain website features and render some functions unusable.


In specific scenarios, you will be fully informed about the data received, as you are the direct source providing it. Examples include commenting on a blog post, responding to an email (whether broadcast message or autoresponder), submitting an email address, participating in surveys, requesting SMS messages, or making purchases that necessitate specific information such as credit card details, Paypal addresses, billing and/or shipping addresses, phone numbers, and more. Failure to provide certain details may result in us being unable to fulfill your requested products or services.


Moreover, certain content on our website may be safeguarded by a username and password. Whether generated by our website or created by you, these login credentials are typically linked to additional information associated with or pertaining to you. This correlation is essential, particularly for subscription-based content that often requires payment. Therefore, the confidentiality of usernames and passwords is critical to safeguard your account data.

Handling of Personal Information

Kindly note that sharing any personal information with entities other than us or our authorized vendors is entirely optional. For instance, disclosing information in a blog post comment transforms that "private" information into "public," over which we do not exert control. Similarly, providing information to any third party not acting as a service provider to us places that information beyond our jurisdiction and subject to the policies established by that particular party.


We primarily collect personal and private information from you to facilitate our business operations. Internally, this information is utilized to enhance our services to better serve you. Consequently, we do not see a rationale for sharing your personal information with external parties or outside interests unless explicit authorization is granted by you. While some information may be stored with third-party service providers, such as email service providers offering top-quality and secure services, you are under no obligation to interact directly with these third parties. They are bound by limitations on the use of your information and are prohibited from selling or transferring it to others in any manner.


Furthermore, although your information contributes to a larger dataset, this aggregate information is employed to comprehend our entire user base. Moreover, we retain the discretion to share this collective information regarding our website visitors with third parties for various purposes.


While we uphold strong privacy values at Topcurl Beauty Academy, rare circumstances may necessitate deviating from these principles. In situations akin to major search engines facing constraints in data provision, our decision about may be influenced similarly. Instances of illegal activities or severe allegations may impose legal liabilities on our website, compelling us to share your information or requiring us to do so under legal mandates. Conversely, there may be instances where sharing your personal information becomes imperative to safeguard our own interests, such as in cases of suspected copyright infringement or other intellectual property violations.


For additional information about the use of DART cookies by Google, please refer to the Google ad and content network privacy policy at Other third-party ad servers or networks may utilize cookies to track user activities on our website, measure advertisement effectiveness, and other reasons disclosed in their respective privacy policies. We have no authority over or access to these cookies employed by third-party advertisers.


Please be advised that the contents of this page are subject to change over time without prior notice. These updates are implemented to safeguard you and our website from potential risks. Should you find this page to be of significance, we recommend checking back periodically to stay informed about any modifications made.


The legal notices and administrative pages featured on this website, including the present notice, have been carefully drafted by a qualified attorney. Topcurl Beauty Academy has obtained the necessary licenses to utilize these legal notices and administrative pages on, ensuring the protection of both our users and our organization. Unauthorized use of this material is strictly prohibited and monitored through Copyscape to identify any violations.


If you have any questions about the details presented on this page or if you need to reach out to us for any other concerns, please do not hesitate to use the contact information provided.

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