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I Found This School On Instagram and It Was The Best Decision I Made All Year . Definitely A GREAT Investment! Best Teachers , Environment & Most Importantly , You Are WELL PREPARED For State Board Test . Top Curl Beauty Academy Cares About Their Students Success After Graduation. Be Apart Of The “ One & Done “ Team & Begin Your Business Journey With The Best!


—  Tropical Tips, Nail Tech 2020 Graduate 

I’m a Top Curl Graduate myself. As a full time working mother of 2, I wanted a career change and could never see myself going through tons of schooling to do it. So I prayed and woke up to an ad on IG. Once I reached out to Ms. Shanay, it was up from there. Everything I could expect and more even through a pandemic and having to convert to a portion being virtual. MY CLASSES AND CLASSMATES WERE PERFECT! I even gained a friend. Ms. Shanay said “I GOT YOU” and meant it. I love this lady and what she provides to aide in life changes. You want quality go to TOP CURL! #WETHEBEST


Charlie Angel, Nail Tech 2020 Graduate 

Just graduated from Topcurl and my experience was amazing. My teacher Naomi made learning so much fun and very interactive.


— Dominique H., Nail Tech 2021 Graduate 

The fact that I became a LICENSED nail tech during a pandemic with the help of this school is amazing. I am truly glad I did my research and decided to learn Nail Technology at this beauty school. Ms.Shanay is the most selfless, patient, and passionate educator/director I’ve ever learned from. I've never met an instructor or business owner that takes so much pride in what they do and so much passion in helping everyone around them succeed as well. The environment of the school is far from average and she does an amazing job making all of her students feel comfortable and included in class. If you are looking to be taught a beauty skill(s) the professional way with support and encouragement, it does not get ANY better than TopCurl Beauty Academy! I cant wait until she continues to add additional trainings in the Beauty Industry because I will definitely be back!


— AJ, Nail Tech 2020 Graduate 

I was searching for a Makeup artistry program in the Maryland/D.C. area for some time. There were lots of beauty schools but none of them catered to the Makeup program ONLY! I finally came across a Eventbrite advertising for the Makeup Artistry Program at the Top Curl Beauty Academy. This is where my life would forever change. I sent a email inquiry online and someone immediately got back to me. I went to the School and met the Director Ms. Dudley who was very much inviting and professional. After a tour of the school I knew this was where I wanted to complete my training.
Top Curl was a excellent excellent experience for me! The Instructor (Mrs. Ciney) for the Makeup Program was very knowledgeable and poised. Mrs. Ciney took the time to really dive into the professional side of the Makeup Industry, and use real life experiences to teach. What I like most is sanitation is a must for this school they don’t play. Whenever I was unsure of how to use a certain product, mix, and or maneuver a certain brush Mrs. Ciney was right there assisting. You can see she has a passion for Makeup and want to help others succeed In the industry as well. I can honestly say I have learned so much more than I ever knew prior to attending this class. I learned how to custom blend!! I was just like everyone else taking social media classes. I got my money’s worth and some! I recommend Top Curl to anyone looking to start their journey in Makeup you will NOT be disappointed!


— Kesha W., Makeup Artistry 2019 Graduate 

I attended TopCurl Beauty Academy in 2019 to get my license for Nail Technology. The Director/Owner Shanay Dudley is a National Board Certified Teacher For Cosmetology with 20yrs experience as a Licensed Cosmetologist and 14yrs experience as a Teacher. Shes clearly qualified for the job! I was in the nail tech program for 3 that 3 months I learned the material I needed to pass Stateboard theory and practical and did just that! Thanks too TopCurl Beauty Academy I am now a Licensed Nail Tech! I am also able to start my buisness fully equipped as TopCurl Beauty Academy is an OPI partnered school! So at the beginning of class we all got awesome OPI kits (by kits I mean a very fancy case with wheels and all) filled with EVERYTHING we needed to start making money as nail techs...after we get our license of course. So if you are looking for a place to learn from an actual teacher...with REAL credentials and experience, go to TopCurl Beauty Academy! She has made it possible for SO many people to achieve their goals and dreams by becoming a LICENSED beauty professional...I am now one of those lucky ones! Thank You Always Mrs. Dudley 💜


Archer Nema, Nail Tech 2019 Graduate 

From my first communication with the director Shanay Dudley I knew Topcurl was the place for me. After completing my Makeup Artistry certification this week I am certain I made the right choice. Shanay is extremely professional and models what it means to be a dedicated beauty professional.

My course was taught by Mrs. Ciney. Ciney is an expert in sanitation and infectious control. Through her charismatic instruction she not only taught us the technique behind makeup application; but really transformed and trained our eye for flawless natural beauty. Ciney has years of experience that she brings to every class and shares those experiences to help fully prepare you for the world of Makeup Artistry outside of the classroom. I can not say enough about her skill and the impact she has had on my artistry!

I have been contemplating going to beauty school for 3 years. With a full time job I searched for the best program for Makeup Artistry that would give me quality education and work with my schedule of being a wife and mom that works full time. Topcurl Beauty Academy is an Inglot partner school and trains you to truly understand the products and best application.I am so happy and grateful that I found Topcurl Beauty academy.

Whether you are searching for a Makeup, cosmetology, or nail technician course I know you will find that Topcurl is the best school choice for you!

Ciera H., Makeup Artistry 2019 Graduate 

The director is a knowledgeable educator about the industry. Just google Shanay Dudley she is known in DC and Maryland for her accreditations and hard work! She takes her time for you to understand the material and will make sure you succeed. I would not be a cosmetologist without her help honestly!

Lina T., Cosmetology Exam Prep Client

I’m a TopCurl Girl💅🏽 !!✨ Worth every penny! Single mom of 3 wanting to do something for myself. I decided to look for a nail school. I’d been researching a Nail Program for 3 years before I found Ms. Shanay (through my nail tech) I’ve been rocking ever since. She and TopCurl Beauty Academy delivered exactly what they said!!! I am now a licensed Nail Tech #1anddone

— Sasha G., Nail Tech 2020 Graduate 

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